Budgerigar Colors Poster


Budgerigar Colors Poster

Celebrate the Beautiful Colors of the Budgerigar With This Stunning and Highly Informative Poster

Budgies are beautiful creatures and one of the big reasons for that is their incredibly varied and vibrant plumage. Budgerigars come in a wide variety of different colors and patterns, each one as striking as the next and each able to tell us something about that bird.

This poster is a real treat for those with an interest in ornithology. Each image is highly detailed and anatomically correct and the post features all 56 of the most common color mutations. This allows it to double as not only a wonderful decoration for your home but also a highly accurate reference chart.

The poster comes in the following sizes:

MINI - 7" X 10"

SMALL - 13" X 18"

MEDIUM - 17" X 23"

LARGE - 20" X 28"

X-LARGE - 28" X 40"

We recommend the larger sizes for the most detailed images. We only use the finest materials for these premium posters and have gone to painstaking lengths to ensure this is the definitive reference poster on the subject.

So why not celebrate the many colors of the budgerigar with this magnificent poster? Whether you want to brush up on your bird spotting, show off your love of birds or just add a splash of color to your walls; this is brilliant way to liven up your décor. A rainbow of color that is as informative as it is unique, just like budgerigars themselves.

Order today and let your colors show!

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